I’m reading this article: http://killscreendaily.com/articles/homo-synthetica-talks-human-struggle-sci-fi-story/

And it’s got a fantastic line.

“…reminding us that there is no utopia in the future if we don’t engage with the political realities of our present.”

This is why I read a lot.
It gives you a perspective from outside where you currently stand.
This is why I’m involved.
With the world, and everything.
If we don’t get better, we’ll only wreak yet more havoc with more technology.

Technology is not slowing down.
Imagine if you will what sort of ramifications come from having more technology. The sort of tech where we can modify ourselves. Where we can modify our memories, our bodies, our genetics.
This is the reality you live in now.
In the near future, we don’t just modify life, we build it from scratch.
We already make life.
There’s nothing different here, it’s just a different medium, a different canvas if you will.
Parents understand the responsibility it is to make life.
But sometimes stepping back for a second and really realizing, what that means.
And what it demands of us.

What is the value of a life?
Or more accurately, what’s the value of a person?
…what’s your perspective?


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