Writing on the go

So I picked up this really sweet little bluetooth keyboard recently.

It works perfectly with my phone if I want to tap out a little blog post quickly while I’m in between things. This seems to be about the only way I’m going to find any time these days to do stuff like write.

Evenings to myself are so rare… lately, I’m seeing A a lot, and she’s wonderful. I really like her and this all happened so quickly.

I’ve also been trying to see friends more, and figure out identity stuff… like, I’m doing the whole teenager thing constantly while at the same time trying to maintain adult status. It’s this really strange in between stage to things that I’m starting to get done with. I’m getting to know who I am and she’s teaching me things along the way, telling me that I really did have the right idea, or that it’s sometimes a little different than I thought it was.

It’s easy when you’re smart to either be convinced of your own ignorance because you’ve already spent a lot of time thinking about it, or think you know everything for the same reason. It’s kind of ridiculous, actually.

I love the paradoxes of the mind that we’re all cursed with. I love watching other people trip over the little invisible bastards… schadenfreude, yes.

But since people are so rarely interested in trying to correct these things for themselves or improve, I have to keep my mouth shut and not try to beat it into them which is my normal animal reaction. So instead, it’s simply easier to redirect that feeling to amusement.

That’s what 12 years of tech support will get you, I guess.